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bullfrog tadpoles | bulk quantity - 50+

Bullfrog Tadpoles | Bulk Quantity - 50+

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Bullfrog ILLEGAL TO SHIP TO: AZ, PA, UT & WA Bullfrog tadpoles feed on algae and mosquito larvae in the pond. They will eat insect eggs also. When they turn into small frogs, they begin to eat insects around the pond.  Once the tadpole begins to develop legs, they need some sort of perch so they can get out of the water. Floating water lily leaves and floating plants are ideal for this. You don’t have to feed tadpoles or frogs as they are self sufficient. They will eat leftover fish food, algae and tiny bugs on the water's surface. Normally frogs will be stay around your pond but if there is a water source nearby, don’t be surprised if they decide to venture to it. But usually will return. This often happens when it rains. 

Not Available to ship to: AZ, PA, UT & WA

Our minimum order for BullFrog Tadpoles is 75 as they require Overnight shipping to ensure live arrival.

Upon arrival take directly to the pond. Pour some pond water into the bag (preferably in the shade). Wait 2 to 3 minutes to acclimate to the pond water, then set them free in the pond.
Do not float the bag on the pond, even on shady days the temperature will rise and cook the tadpoles if the bag is left floating. 

Large quantity orders of 75+ tadpoles are Bullfrog Tadpoles and must be shipped via FED EX.

Unfortunately, Frog tadpoles will not live in an aquarium tank for more than a couple of days, if that. They need to be in a pond. They have too high of a metabolism and they produce a lot of waste, often causing a large outbreak of ammonia in the tank which can kill them and also the other fish. Secondly, even if they could survive in a tank, they would need multiple plant life sources to eat and when their lungs develop they need to be able to get in and out of the water. We have never heard of someone successfully raising frog tadpoles in a tank. We only guarantee live delivery for this reason, as we have no control over what customers do with them once they are received.

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