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Annual Bog Plants

Annual bog plants add shape, color and texture to the water garden. Adding marginal plants at the edge of the water garden, waterfall or stream bed gives your pond a more natural appearance. Many annual bog plants will winter over as house plants and many are hardy to zone 7. Tropical marginal plants such as Cannas, Spider Lilies, Rain Lilies and Bog Lilies can simply be stored in peat, in a cool dark place for the winter in colder zones.

Most of our bog plants are grown in 2" net pots to ensure good root development and to reduce transplant shock. The size of plant that we ship varies by variety. Our bog plants are mature established plants, not new starts. Occasionally some of our marginal/bog plants are shipped bare-root. We are now offering bog plants that are available in 3.5" pots, as they grow too large to be offered in the smaller 2" containers. The cost is higher for the 3.5" plants, but you will receive a much larger plant.