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Rosette Water Lettuce

Rosette Water Lettuce

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Rosette Water Lettuce is a smaller variety of water lettuce pistia with a rosette shape. This floating pond plant provides shade and helps control algae by absorbing nutrients. Water temperatures must be 65 degrees when adding this pond plant to your water garden. Water lettuce will not tolerate freezing temperatures or cold water. When exposed to cold, the leaves of Rosette Water will turn white and rot. A popular floating plant for water gardens that are located in shade or part shade. The velvety, intricately patterned ribbed leaves are ruffled and the color ranges from light green to blue green. 

Rosette Water Lettuce (Pistia sp)
Hardiness Zone: 9-11
Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade Height: 4" -6"
Water Depth: Floating

Water Lettuce is restricted in AL, CA, FL, MS, PR, SC, TX, WI. May be substituted with Giant Sensitive Plant or Frogbit, if ordered and it is illegal for the nursery to ship. Please Contact us with any questions.
Water Lettuce is regulated in some states. - Never release these plants into public lakes or waterways. Know your state laws ordering pond plants.

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