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Water Hawthorne Bulbs | Aponogeton distachyos | Available Spring 2021

Water Hawthorne Bulbs | Aponogeton distachyos | Available Spring 2021

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Water Hawthorne grows from a small bulb and unlike other submerged pond plants prefers cool water. This attractive deep-water marginal plant has long, narrow, dark green leaves that float on the surface. Water Hawthorne blooms profusely, with unusual, white, vanilla scented flowers. It blooms in the spring when the waters are still cold, and then again in the fall once the water temperatures have fallen. This plant will go dormant during the summer months, so don't accidentally discard it mid-summer, as it is dormant and will begin growing again as the water cools in the fall. You can plant this bulb as a companion with a water lily in the same planting container, since the waterlilies perform best during warm weather, as the water lily slows down in the fall, the Water Hawthorne will replace the water lily during the fall and spring months. It is also an excellent choice for shady ponds and will tolerate slowly moving water. Also known as Cape Pondweed, it will grow in water 6" to 24" deep. The floating leaves of the plant can cover an area of about 2 to 3 feet in diameter during the cool months when there is not a lot of surface coverage left in the pond. Hawthorne may perish if temperatures are above 92 degrees for long periods during summer. Many areas in Florida or Texas are not suitable for the Water Hawthorne Plant. LIMITED AVAILABILITY
WATER HAWTHORNE BULB - Fall, Sold as a Growing Plant

WATER HAWTHORNE BULBS (Aponogeton distachyos)
Size: Bulb - Shipped as a Bulb
Water Depth: Grows in 6" to 24" Water
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Full Shade
Spread: 18" to 28"
Blooming Season: September thru June
USDA Hardiness Zones: 3-9




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