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Four Leaf Water Clover | Marsilea mutica

Four Leaf Water Clover | Marsilea mutica

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Floating Four Leaf Variegated Water Clover is a fast growing marginal pond plant that will help shade and cover the water surface. The 2" four leaf clover floats on the waters surface sending their roots into the soil where they can.  Four Leaf Water Clover can be potted, tucked in between the rocks of a stream bed or water fall and grown as a bog plant. The plant may also be submerged and the leaves will float on the waters' surface.

Height: 3" Tall, Running Floating Spread
Water Depth: Moist to 6"
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Shade
USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-11

Four Leaf Water Clover (Marsilea mutica) is restricted in OK - Know your state laws when ordering pond plants.


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