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Submerged Pond Plants

Submerged Oxygenating pond plants grow by receiving nutrients from the water. Adding submerged pond plants to your water garden will help keep water clear. They are an important plant needed to create a well balanced Eco-system in your water garden. Baby fish, tadpoles and dragonfly larvae will hide in submerged plants from predators. Use one bunch for every 2 to 4 square feet of surface area. Simply attach weights and sink to the bottom of the pond.

Emergent pond plants are a group of very versatile water garden plants. They will grow as submerged oxygenating pond plants below the waters' surface or as an emergent bog plant (rooted in shallow water and having most of its vegetative growth above water). Quite a few of these varieties also flower. These pond plants enjoy light and will grow to the surface and slightly above the surface. Great for protecting fish and adding wonderful color at the base of other bog plants. These pond plants can be grown in creeks and streams as roots/stems are anchored below the water. Can be planted as a creeping plant with taller bog plants.