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royal blue pickerel rush | pontederia dilatata

Royal Blue Pickerel Rush | Pontederia dilatata

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Royal Blue Pickerel (Pontederia dilatata) can grow significantly taller than the common blue pickerel. This beauty can grow 4 to 5 feet tall and will reward you with beautiful spikes of royal blue to lavender blue flowers throughout the summer. A great choice for shorelines of natural ponds and lakes. Shiny green leaves and beautiful spikes of royal blue to lavender blue flowers all summer long. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this plant!


Royal Blue Pickerel (Pontederia dilatata)
Hardiness Zone: 4-11
Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade
Height: 3' - 5' Spread: 12" to 24"
Water Depth: Moist soil or water up to 12" deep (Maximum water depth is for mature bog plants)

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