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bag o'barley | barley straw

Bag O'Barley | Barley Straw

$ 12.95

Bag O'Barley is a mesh bag containing barley straw that will slowly decompose and aid in the elimination of string algae. Barley does not kill algae, however it does prohibit it from growing. One 8 oz. barley bale treats 1000 Gallons. One 4 Oz. Bag treats Small Ponds. Replace every 3 months.

  • 100% certified barley straw that is fish safe - plant safe- pond safe.
  • Packaged in its own mesh bag, ready to use!
  • Constantly active while decomposing. Bales are loosely packed for the best flow of water possible.

When applying barley straw to water, natural byproducts are released as the straw begins to decompose creating a unique chemical which inhibits the growth of algae. This solution out performs any man made bacteria, enzymes, or chemicals.