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large pond package complete

Large Pond Package Complete

$ 350.00

A large collection of water garden plants with planting containers and fertilizer. Nice collection for a medium to large water garden.

Package Includes:
1 - Assorted Yellow
1 - Assorted Pink
1 - Assorted White
50 - Submerged Plants
50 - Weights
12 - Water Hyacinths or Other Floating Plant if Illegal in your state
1 - Aquatic For-Get-Me-Not or Other Marginal Plant if not Available or Illegal
1 - Blue Lobelia or Red Lobelia or Other Available Marginal Plant
1 - Obedient Plant or Other Available Marginal Plant
2 - Planting Bags Large
2 - Planting Bags Medium
2 - Planting Bags Small
1 - Package Fertilizer Tablets

If you would like certain colors for the water lilies, leave a comment when checking out. Color choices are pink, red, yellow, peach/orange, changeable or white.

The Water Hyacinths in this collection will be substituted with plants of equal value where illegal - If a plant in this collection is not available, we will substitute with a similar plant of equal value. Never release these plants into public lakes or waterways. Know your state laws when ordering pond plants.

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